Blood Health + Gut Health

Bonded by Probiotics

Blood Health

Blood health is of paramount importance to all of the organs in your body.

Blood clots, if left untreated, can cause severe injury and/or death.

Anyone on cholesterol medicine,  taking blood thinners, at risk for DVT's or

has taken the COVID vaccine, can benefit from our

QHP Natto NSP-2 Fibrinolytic Enzyme as a clot preventative.

It is also scientifically proven to break up clots in 5-6 hours,

and it will eliminate the spike protein. 

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Gut Health

Your gut is the command center for your body's immune system,

and if it’s imbalanced, you may have health issues that can be serious.

The probiotic pills, drinks and yogurt you might trust are not capable of doing much

for your gut, but the spore probiotics in P2 Probiotic Power Digestive H2O Additive

go to the source of gut issues. 

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A Marriage Made in Health

These two products together, QHP Blood Clot Dissolver and the P2 Probiotic Digetive Additive, are a Marriage Made in Health because the joint action of these products can create a noticeable change in your body that is unprecidented because of the spore probiotic they both share.

Backed by science and created by nature.