Gut Health

70% of the population has an auto-immune disease, and 99% of people on earth has inflammation at some point during the day. Increased environmental toxins, poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, all cause bacterial imbalance in the gut.  Bacterial imbalance in the gut directly affects your immune system.



Antibiotics do more to imbalance your gut than almost any other factor. It can take up to six months for your good bacteria (probiotics), making you more vulnerable to disease and infection. The more bacteria is imbalanced, the more bad bacteria can wreak havoc in your body in numerous ways - one of the biggest is the formation of biofilm.

Biofilm is responsible for 80% of all disease and infection.


The probiotic supplements lining the pharmacy and grocery store isles are not able to make it through the bile system to the colon where they are needed.

Additionally, they are incapable of removing biofilm.


This is why P2 Probiotic Power Digestive H2O Additive is so important. The spore-based probiotics in this product are hearty warriors that do make it through the bile system to the colon. They can act like an antibiotic when needed and go dormant and then come back when needed.


They do these other amazing things too:


- Help fight viruses
- Help genes function better
- Assist in fortifying your immune system
- Help remove and prevent biofilm
- Help to balance your microbiome
- Promote bacterial balance in your gut
- Aid digestion
- Help to ease stomach upset


If you suffer from SIBO, Leaky Gut, Crohns Disease, IBS, Gastritis or just stomach upset, the probiotics in this H2O Additive have been scientifically proven to have a big impact on all of these conditions. Some of these studies are available here


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